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In existence since January 1, 2004, The Allied Authors Agency reigns as Belgium’s sole literary agency. Which means that we can claim as much for more than twenty years now!

At the outset, our goal was something brand new: the representation of quality fiction, non-fiction and youth literature of Belgian origin on the international market. After a few years, we logically adapted to how the market at large responded to our offering. In effect, this lead to two major changes. With a heavy heart, as it was against our preferences, we had to stop representing Belgian youth literature. Two main reason led to that painful decision:

Internationally, the market had proven not to be overly welcoming to titles hailing from a ‘small’ language. Citing the cost of translation, many a title judged ‘interesting’ in the end didn’t make a sale. Making matters worse, we noticed more than once that such a title turned out to be the apparent direct ‘inspiration’ for a title by a local author on that very same topic, not too much later.

In Belgium, those who could (and should) try to remedy that situation by supporting a range of quality authors – the Flemish Literary Fund, to name but one – rather than help, actively sabotaged authors’ chances, as they opted to extremely support ‘a happy few’ and neglect everybody else.

Whereas that change came about as a result of negative issues, the other had a most positive basis. Our first successes had attracted attention. Being Belgian, it is part of our nature to be ‘different’. Offering quality literature went hand in hand with originality, making a difference. Soon, we attracted quality literature ‘with a twist’ from all over the globe. And scored with several of these titles.

Since, the Allied Authors Agency differed from many other agencies in that we do not only work hard to find top quality and highly original literary titles to represent, but strive to deliver triple A quality service to all of our contacts. The A.A.A. abbreviation is not ‘just a name’! Knowing, feeling authors, we are involved in a very personal manner. We carefully select and opt to represent a limited number of titles rather than a mass. As a result, the A.A.A. knows! Whether we discuss publishing contacts, its authors, their work, their devotion and their wishes. We know each and every book which we propose to publishers or colleagues at the fairs in Frankfurt, London, Paris or elsewhere inside out, and we fight for each for at least two to three years before giving up on its chances…

If you are a publishing house or an author looking for quality representation, feel free to contact us. But do remember that we are only interested in the representation of books, not manuscripts. Our force lies in realising international sales for titles that have a history in at least one country to their credit. If you are interested, send us an email first, detailing your work and your wishes or hopes. We will definitely get back to you. If/when your work is still just a manuscript, please do not send it to us. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

On the other hand: if you are an editor with a publishing house on the look-out for original material, rest assured that you’ve come to the right place ! The A.A.A. will be pleased to help you make a choice in fiction or non-fiction, from Belgium and beyond. We have fantastic material available in both categories. Material we can tell you all about in proposal format or by sending you a full manuscript plus extra’s detailing specific sales angles, existing promo-opportunities, etc.

We got you curious? – Good, as we won’t keep your attention on this introduction page any longer…

The Allied Authors Agency

The A.A.A. 2004 – 2024

“They sentenced me, to twenty years of book fairs” (or something of that nature ) Leonard Cohen once sang. That was about a thousand years ago…

Who could ever have imagined beforehand all that would happen to the world since 2004? When A.A.A. started, that world, dear friends, was still very much open to discover books. People actually read enough, just about everywhere, to give publishers the necessary leeway to go out on a limb every now and then, try something innovative…

It was a climate that left us, the Allied Authors Agency, the necessary space to precisely carve out our specific ‘niche’ in the whole of the book market: quality fiction and non-fiction, with an original slant, set apart from many and being able to ‘survive’ over many a year.

Up until and including ‘Frankfurt 2019’, the A.A.A. was successful enough, seeing fine original fiction titles as “A Day With Mr. Jules” or “The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman” getting sold to well over twenty countries.

Then, the worldwide pandemic hit. The book world suffered immensely. As a consequence, we did too. Many literary agencies stopped existing. The A.A.A. is still here, but did have to cut back an awful lot on expenses in order to survive, and, worse, as a consequence we had to cut back quite a bit on services as well.

The result today being that we have far less titles on offer and are no longer a staple at the international book fairs. But… what we still have still oozes quality and deserves attention. YOUR attention!

And so, thanks to some great books that stay with us, the A.A.A. is still alive!

Marc Hendrickx, for A.A.A

Cécile Coulon

Author Cécile Coulon made her mark as one of ‘the’ most promising voices in French contemporary literature with an impressive string of poetry collections.

She won the ‘Prix Mauvais genre’ in ’12, 22 years old. Further titles winning the   ‘Prix du meilleur roman des lecteurs’ in 2014 & the ‘Prix des librairies’ in 2017.

Her latest – The Blackberries – won the famous ‘Prix Apollinaire’ in 2018, which is considered to be the most important French literary prize for poetic language, lovingly dubbed ‘The Goncourt of Poetry’. As an extra, it also won the ‘Prix SGDL’.

In The Blackberries Cécile Coulon covers a wide range of topics, using a highly original, poetic language uniquely hers. Offering a refreshing take on ordinary, everyday things – from jogging, over the buffet of a railway station, to ripped clothing. Coulon succeeds in perfectly bringing across the feelings that go with something like a late summer’s day out, picking blackberries with your parents while the new season of literary book releases and the start of school looms. 

Swiftly navigating between caresses and cracks, The Blackberries takes readers by the hand this side of Raymond Carver. Coulon’s poetic landscape evokes our shortcomings just as well al the light  that radiates in each of us.

demain matin

les ronces vont griffer les renards

dans les bois

le ciel ce grand poumon sauvage

a jeté ses filets

sur les hommes tout en bas

seul le bruit de la terre

arrive depuis la fenêtre ouverte

There is something American and its great authors in the boisterous pencil of this young French woman.Les Inrockuptibles

French origin

22,500 Words – 240 Pages

French language manuscript

Why does a nine year old young boy choose a profession that is impossible? How extraordinary is his motivation, wanting to become something that is simply unthinkable in traditional Japan halfway through the 20th century?
And give up E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G to do so, including his manhood…
Master Sato balances the arguments in favour of his choice, and those against it. No matter how many times he does, the outcome is always the same… thus was his fate, and he is happy to have chosen it.
The ‘it’ being the confection of corsets. The most beautiful ones in the world. Which other profession would ever have allowed him to get so close to females? To enter the universe of all of them? Allow him to establish such intimate relationships with them?
Without a doubt it is a privilege which every man will envy him for.

Roland Brival masterly let’s Sato San tell the story of his life. Sensuality oozes of the pages. This ace writer does not need flat out active sex scenes to stir…
Rave reviews have been following “Sato San, The Corset Master” everywhere. From small publications to reputed Le Figaro. Many praising the exquisite refinement with which Roland Brival describes Sato San’s handling of fabrics & females alike.

French origin
55,600 Words – 264 Pages
French language manuscript

Having lived in exile for twenty years, writer Simon Darnell finally returns to his hometown.
But why does he undertake the trip?
Does he return to Martinique to settle? Or is it an umpteenth step before fleeing to yet other latitude?
The answer reveals itself bit by bit, turning up from behind the shadows of Simon’s past, uncovering the truth of the drama which had him seek refuge in Paris, far away from his island home, so many years ago.
Awaking in Martinique between the dead who stand in front of him as if alive, watched by him through the eyes he had as a child, Simon sees their tender madness. Wild, burlesque behaviour. And memories burning in all of them… The memory of Evanyse, whom Simon loved and who he now encounters once again for an ultimate, tearing episode of their tormented love affair.

Roland Brival hails from Martinique himself. He uses his roots very effective to offer readers a touching look on the uniqueness of childhood as well as into the complex magic of insular ghosts.

French origin
59,100 Words – 278 Pages
French language manuscript

Yova Stankova

Valentina recently broke up with her husband, a well-to-do Russian. She goes to live in his gallery in Sofia’s centre. There, Valentina looks for a roommate to share expenses. That same night still, as if out of thin air, Polina materializes. Pretty and artistic, Polina’s presence makes Valentina question herself.
Readers are left in doubt whether there really are two females, or if Polina is a metamorphosis of Valentina. The latter first battles isolation, then her undue closeness to Polina. Trying to come to terms with the situation, Valentina spends time with her family and her ex, feeling superfluous in both places.
A planned exhibition of Polina’s work fails, and a girl called Nikolina takes over Valentina’s apartment above the gallery. In her, Valentina sees yet more parts of her life… unwanted, past, lost. Wanting to become responsible for all three of them, Valentina has the property registered in her name. Returning to it, she finds her mother visiting, and finds herself alone. All alone.

Promising newcomer Yova Stankova tackles the alienated feeling which one encounters when the world build together with a loved one falls apart. She does so highly convincingly, portraying in Valentina a multi-faceted character that effectively reflects that of many a modern day young woman. Author Yova Stankova’s fine debut… in which she unravels typical aspects of the female psychology in a clever, most appealing way.

Bulgarian origin

76,300 Words – 278 Pages

Bulgarian language manuscript

English language manuscript available

Trapped Inside You

Yova Stankova

Damian and Tanya are a couple in love, living in Sofia, Bulgaria, in Damian’s hereditary apartment. The financial crisis makes Damian feel highly insecure. A feeling that is heightened by the fact that his girlfriend earns her living being a local TV show host. In order to better his position, he opts to go work in Germany, expecting Tanya to wait for him.

While Tanya suffers for her lover and often complains to Juliet – her former boss and friend – Damian encounters head on the many cultural differences, reactions and attitudes in Germany. He makes great efforts to adjust, considering the western society as a ‘successful world’. Becoming acquainted with the darker sides of German society, he becomes acutely aware of all the tricks that accompany the life of an Eastern European in Western Europe.

The desire to establish himself as a successful man makes Damian hesitant about the path he needs to follow. Wanting to feel rich enough to return to his homeland secure and strong enough to take care of Tania before returning to Sofia. When he finally does, things do not turn out as he had foreseen them…

A novel that is most acutely ‘today’, offering a rare insight in the psychology of those who decide to leave their own country behind in order to gain more wealth elsewhere, even if that wealth comes with the dreadful price of becoming a second-rate citizen.

Bulgarian origin
60.700 Words – 248 Pages
Bulgarian language manuscript
English language manuscript available

Marc Hendrickx

Leonard Cohen is a legendary poet, singer/songwriter and overall artist. Without any competition in coupling literature to popular music, with the possible exception of Bob Dylan.
But Cohen has always and by far been the most erudite of the two, spreading knowledge, wisdom, spiritual insights and more, without ever forgetting to add in a fun ‘twist’ or ‘double entendre’…
There is a crack in everything
That’s where the light gets in

As an internationally published author in his own right, Marc Hendrickx’ successes include major biographies, theatre plays performed in packed houses, and a Belgian movie adaptation of one of his titles.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow offers the literary encounter of two writers, two souls… First published in 2004, Hendrickx’ work faces Cohen’s visions on subjects such as the ever searching human being, evaluating encounters with happiness, understanding, background, faith, life’s goal, love, ageing and death. Offering his insights alongside Cohen’s, 30 years younger Hendrickx gives the texts of long gone ‘Yesterday’s’ a new “Tomorrow” indeed. An international hit 2004 through 2008, Yesterday’s Tomorrow returned late ‘20. Updated to include a look at the massive success which befell Leonard Cohen upon his return to recording and touring, as well as ‘closing the book’ on his life.

Flemish Belgian origin 35,000 Words – 148 Pages

Flemish language manuscript

Manuscript available in many languages

2004, Flanders, Vanhalewyck

2005, Netherlands, United Media

2008, Spain, Milenio

2008, Portugal, Guerra y Paz

2008, Australia, Brandl & Schlesinger

It is 1913, and Paris is going mad… Someone has stolen the Mona Lisa ! Soon, Picasso, a mystery guy called Géry and respected poet Apollinaire become the prime suspects of the police.

The first two have fled the city, leading to the incarceration of the third. In his cell, the poet feels incapable to create, write. This is not the Paris décor he is used to, with its fine Café de Flore, the ‘boudoirs’ he regularly visits, and so much more.

The intrigue, based upon the true facts of the time, revolving around three dates that tie everything nicely together, has links that carry on through until today, with the reopening of Paris’ (in)famous Santé Prison where Apollinaire was held.

Full of ‘brilliant but failing’ characters. From the Louvre’s gatekeeper, workers and guards tending those in prison, to some mistresses along the way, Franck Balandier cleverly deconstructs Apo’s ‘official and institutionalized’ image, returning him to being a real life person, effectively bringing more than one legend to life in this exciting new title. 

The importance of the human body in society plays a major role in this novel… Apo finds himself imprisoned, threatened and sick, his body giving up. But the desire to write is there in him, still. If only his powers would allow him!

French origin
68,300 Words – 178 Pages
French language manuscript

Since birth, Benjamin suffers from a very specific problem: he cannot stand noise. That, while his mother happens to be the drummer of a punk-rock band…

Being limited to grow up while wearing a sound eliminating headphone, Benjamin bit by bit reinvents the world around him. Luckily, he is well supported by Father Germain, the priest of a defunct church; by his grandmother Lucienne; by Isidore, a man who loves to tell tales; by Yolanda, always ready to support a lost cause; by Tarzan, the swim teacher; and – most of all and most important– by Noémie, a pretty girl who is both deaf and mute.

‘Both tender and tasty, full of surprises, unforgettable characters and more, all brought to the readers by Balandier in virtuoso prose.’ Livres Hebdo

French origin
68,300 Words – 278 Pages
French language manuscript

The 1960s. A group of young writers and artists gathers on the small Greek island of Hydra.

Promising Leonard Cohen is at the start of his career, writing on a novel, poems as well as falling in love with a woman he encounters on the island… Marianne, muse to her former husband, Axel.

Australian authors George Johnston and Charmian Clift live there too. They write, drink and fight virtually all the time.

All told, it is a hedonistic time of love, sex and new ideas.

As the island hums with excitement, Jack and Frieda Silver join the community, hoping to mend their broken marriage. Then, Greece is overtaken by a military junta and the artistic idyll of life at Hydra is threatened to its core.

In this fictionalized account, the author explores the destructive side of creativity and the price we pay for our dreams.

Using both her own past (the author lived in Hydra as a child at the time of the events and thus knew all the characters) as well as her artistry as a writer today, Tamar Hodes paints a most vivid portrait of the times and the people involved.

English origin
81,500 Words – 248 Pages
English language manuscript

Through a blistering summer, this novel evokes the discomposure of a writer. At his publisher’s place, a woman gets intrigued by his new manuscript, which he has just finished and left for his publisher to read before publishing it.

The lady falls for it. Completely. She offers the writer to buy his work instead of his publisher. But… not in the regular sense – in order to publish it as a book.    

She wants to buy it for herself, the way one buys a painting, a statue or another unique art object. To that end, she offers the writer a considerable amount of money. Offer in hand, it is up to him to decide if he is willing to sell his novel – understand: his life, his life in art and thus his spirit – in this way or not…

The oldest fiction title in A.A.A.’s catalogue and with good reason…
‘When it Rains’ is a true classic !

Belgian origin
90,000 Words – 262 Pages
French language manuscript

A great story of some octogenarians, living in a retirement home, who go on a last road trip, due to and accompanied by a young girl from Ukraine who works in their retirement home, illegally.

They travel to four different European countries and enjoy a most likeable trip, which brings these totally different and not all that easy going characters a whole lot closer to one another. 

Named ‘Book of the Heart’ and also ‘Book of the Month’ by an avalanche of French book shops upon its first release, this title made a surprise return in the sales top ten when relaunched in electronical format, thus neatly illustrating its appeal across age groups.

In great form, the Dannemark/Biefnot writing duo offers a cute, engaging take on current day age and origin issues.

French Belgian origin
85,000 Words – 312 Pages
French language manuscript

Nina visits Hazebrouck, a French town near the Belgian border, to assist in the presentation of her father’s will. Having been a reputed jazz piano player, Ted has raised Nina all alone. Now he has chosen to die alone, far from Bordeaux, where his daughter lives.

The will liberates a troublesome set of memories in Nina. A starting point which will have her go a long way, to where lies and secrets from her life reside.

Revelations and surprises turn her past and present upside down. Will they alter her future too? 

Enriched with beautiful rich blue drawings by author Veronique Biefnot !

French Belgian origin
50,000 Words – 272 Pages
French language manuscript

Our highly successful Belgian writing duo strikes again, offering a novel that is extremely original in its construction, containing a fine number of testimonies from people who knew or were in contact with the lead character, Soren,

Soren Disappeared can easily be called the alpha and the omega of their work.

The wide range of opinions on Soren allows readers to get to know him thoroughly, His more obscured character traits included. It takes them through what resembles both the approach of a journalist and that of a police officer, both wanting to know what happened.

Soren has disappeared one night, on a bridge near the city of Bordeaux, France, but that is not the most important thing. The further one gets in the book, the less Soren’s whereabouts are at its center. Far more at stake is where Soren came from, and how he became the person which those close to him describe.

An introspective adventure which unveils a special, quite unique lead character.
The very last novel by French ace writer Francis Dannemark and his companion Veronique Biefnot.

French Belgian origin
52,950 Words – 242 Pages
French language manuscript


A standard reléase with fans and experts alike ever since its debut in 1994. The original book remained in print until 2008, a solid fifteen years. Various editions appeared during that period, be it in Dutch, French or German.

From 2008 onwards, the author refused further request for reprints, planning to do ‘the ultimate, updated version’ by 2027 – Fifty years after Elvis Presley’s untilemy passing.

The original book already had it all, the 2027 version will stun audiences even more, as the original Will be expanded upon.

The 2027 collectors edition will in consist of THREE Books, brought togetjer in a slip case, thus allowing sufficient room for the three strongholds of this most complete ever versión:

The definite biography / career description

Containing myriad TRUE details, quotes from Presley himself and his Friends and musicians, as well as a most staggering amount of rare pictures.

The worldwide Elvis Industry

Containing massive details on hit results, both as positions on charts all over the globe as in sales figures. Culminating in a claim that will have journalists ask many a question

Presley’s career AFTER life

When the 2027 edition appears, Presley’s career while no longer being present alive will have doubled the time of his actual career as a living entertainer; And, guess what? …

MANY a vividly alive hero of today’s music world dreams of having a likewise amount of success! So much continious to happen, from ‘live concerts’ (with Presley on the big screen) over statues and all kinds of tributes, to – of course – hits!.

Roland Brival hails from Martinique himself. He uses his roots very effective to offer readers a touching look on the uniqueness of childhood as well as into the complex magic of insular ghosts.

Dutch language Belgian origin
350,000 Words OR smaller options
English language manuscript available
French language manuscript available
Dutch language manuscript available
With hundreds of photos & documents

Marieke Vervoort, Flemish Paralympic gold-medal wheelchair-racer, is a most  captivating character. So much so, that her appearances on and off the track have had her appear in articles and on TV in countless countries.

Late 2019, Pola Rapaport, Guggenheim Foundation Fellow, winner of numerous grants and awards, writer, director and editor of award winning films, will finish her ‘Marieke: Death and the Racer’.

An 80 minute long documentary, which follows the athlete and the human being Marieke Vervoort, while she challenges the way the world sees assisted suicide.

Marieke’s physical challenges increase year by year. Her time is running out. Having her euthanasia papers signed (legal in Belgium) liberates Marieke mentally, as it allows her to fully control her destiny, her final days.

Having the permission to die, allows her will to live to be stronger than ever!

Marieke Vervoort realized more dreams than most could ever dream off. She won Olympic Gold, set world records, won the prestigious ‘Iron Man’ in Hawaii next to Belgian, EU and world titles.

At the same time, she is as morally relevant as Muhammad Ali was in his day and time – discussing one of ‘the’ moral topics of our time!

Read/see more about book & film on:

Flemish Belgian origin
55,000 Words – 254 Pages
Flemish language manuscript
English language introduction available

Many of our titles offer the possibility to apply for a translation grant.
Here’s what to do if you…

Want to publish a French language book hailing from French language Canada?

Apply for translation grants up to 20,000$CAN with the Conseil des arts: subventions/rayonner-a-l-international/traduction

Want to publish a French language book hailing from France?

French texts published and distributed in France (regardless of the author’s nationality, also Moroccan author Francis Dannemark’s work for instance) can be attributed a grant.
A.A.A. will arrange for the initial rights owning publisher to draw up a contract to that end with the buying publisher (French ruling requests the government to pay the French publisher, who then pays the grant to the buying publisher)
French grants take on 40% or 60% of the total cost of the translation.


Want to publish a book in France  hailing from any other language?

Here, conditions are almost identical. Again, it is the French publisher who has to fill out the application.
Important: the translator needs to get at least € 21 per page (1,500 characters).

All details:

Want to publish a Flemish language book hailing from Flanders?

Unfortunately, the Flemish Fund is far more arbitrary and politically incorrect compared to the French, Canadian or Scottish organisations. But do try…

UK publishers should pay special attention to the opportunity to get U.K. grants to translate foreign authors when publishing their work in the U.K.

Often overlooked: English PEN’s Writers in Translation programme champions the best literature from around the world. Launched in 2012, supported by the Arts Council England, it helps UK publishers meet the costs of translating new work into English, whilst ensuring translators are acknowledged and paid properly for their work.
PEN Translates will fund up to 75% of translation costs for selected projects.
Submission periods April-May and October-November. Main criteria: literary quality, strength/innovation of the project, contribution to literary diversity in the U.K.
All details:
Your contact:
Theodora Danek, Programme Manager

A.A.A. – The Allied Authors Agency – ++32/495525262
H. Meeüsstraat 56 – 2110 Wijnegem – Belgium

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